Car Servicing and Repairs

Car Servicing and Repairs on
the Isle Of Wight

At Prime Drive Car & Van Rental on the Isle of Wight, we can offer you first-rate car servicing and repairs at affordable prices. We have years of experience in the field and we pride ourselves in giving all our customers a high level of service, every time.

Fully-Equipped Workshop

Our workshop facility is on hand to enable us to carry out repairs and servicing to all the cars we sell and the ones we don’t.
MOT’s can be arranged by appointment 
Batteries, tyres, brakes and exhausts can be supplied
Diagnostic service offered
Full valeting service available
Lubrication service available for most makes and models at £49.99
clutch replacement
wheel fitting

Experienced Technicians

Our team of technicians have years of experience in the trade and ensure that you receive a high standard of service.
moving car

Car Collection and Delivery

Dropping off and collecting your car is not always convenient. Contact us to find out if we can pick your car up to repair it - or drop it off afterwards.
Car Repairs:
We can fix body damage such as dents, scratches, bumper scrapes and more. Please bring your vehicle in or call for a quote. We also have a range of batteries and tyres in stock.

Dropping off and collecting your car is not always convenient, so you can count on us to pick your car up to repair it, and even drop it off for you afterwards.  
car for repair
car battery servicing
Car Servicing: 
We provide interim services for the high mileage car user to a full service that covers all areas of essential maintenance so that you can enjoy trouble free motoring and lessen the chance of hidden costs further down the road. Ask one of our team for the best service package to suit your needs. We check everything to make sure your car is in working condition, including: 

• Brakes/shock absorbers
• Air conditioning
• Batteries
• Body repairs
• Tyres
• Clutch replacements
Diesel Particulate Regeneration:
A diesel particulate filter, sometimes called a DPF, is a device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. DPF's usually remove 85% or more of the soot. In addition to collecting the particulate, a method must exist to clean the filter. Most filters are designed to burn off the accumulated soot through the use of active technology, such as a fuel burner which heats the filter to soot combustion temperatures, through engine modifications. The engine is set to run a certain specific way when the filter load reaches a pre-determined level, which will oxidize the particulates at relatively low temperatures. This is known as 'filter regeneration'. The first indication of a fault is usually the EML (engine management light) coming on. If you have a problem with the DPF not regenerating, then the alternative may be a forced regeneration, much cheaper than replacement costs of anything up to 1000 pounds. We have the necessary equipment and software to carry out these tasks at considerably less cost than DPF replacement.
car exhaust before servicing
dual exhaust pipes
EGR Removal
Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) involves recirculating a proportion of exhaust gases back to the air intake. The components facilitating this process can require maintenance and their failure can causing error codes or related engine issues. The flow of the returning exhaust gas can be reduced or eliminated.
Fuel Contamination Drain-Off Facility:
Fuel contamination can be very expensive. To avoid replacement of parts in their thousands call us and we will look after you from the collection of your vehicle to the safe disposal of the fuel.
filling fuel
engine diagnostics
Engine Diagnostics:
Using tools from SUN and SNAP ON we have the ability to identify and fix all problems associated with engine diagnostics. Effective fault diagnostics enables us to quickly identify any problem, and ensures the correct part is ordered first time.
Our fully licensed MOT test lane uses the latest equipment giving us the ability to test all makes and models of petrol and diesel cars and LCVs. This includes the equipment to comply with the 2009 diesel emissions regulation.
For car servicing and repairs throughout the Isle of Wight, call Prime Drive Car & Van Rental on:
01983 531 700

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