TerraClean™ - Healthy Living For Your Car

At Prime Drive Car & Van Rental on the Isle of Wight, we are your local TerraClean service agent, offering you a unique engine decarbonisation which could improve the emissions, MPG and performance of your vehicle.

What Can TerraClean­™ Do For You?

•Reduce emissions
• Restore MPG
• Regain performance
• Restore fuel economy
• Save on costly repairs and prolong component life
• Immediate drive-away difference
• Engine cleaning

TerraClean™ works by removing most carbon deposits from your engine and cleans everything from the injectors through to the tip of the exhaust. Here at Prime Drive Car & Van Rental, we offer the TerraClean™ service to all petrol and diesel cars, vans, motorbikes and even boats! Prices start from £108 for engines under 2L and £126 for engines over 2L.
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